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Fiji Travel Guide

Fiji Travel Guide

A friendly Fijian welcome and broad smiles await you in this tropical paradise of beautiful beaches, blue lagoons and swaying palm trees. Renowned for stunning sunsets, breathtaking waterfalls, awesome surf, and pristine rain forests, Fiji unsurprisingly draws thousands of visitors to its shores each year.

Comprising more than 300 islands, the country is a vibrant melting pot of cultures, where East Indian, Polynesian, Melanesia, Chinese and European converge to form a unique cultural medley. English is widely spoken, which means communication is a breeze.

Brimming with colourful attractions, awe-inspiring scenery, friendly people and cultural and sporting activities aplenty, Fiji offers something for everyone. From the wanderlust-suffused traveller to the hedonistic sports junkie, this archipelago at the crossroads of the South Pacific is tourist heaven. And, best of all, there's an array of accommodation and activities to suit all tastes and budgets.

When To Go

Fiji's winter is from June to September and the driest months are from March to November. March to June and from September to November has the best temperatures and avoids the rainy season. You'll also avoid the main hurricane season.

Top Tips

  • The plugs used in Fiji are like those used in Australia, two flat blades and one grounding blade.
  • Tipping isn't necessary generally, only a small amount for a special service.
  • When approaching a village, it's customary to wait to be greeted before entering. *Take a bundle of kava for a gift to give the chief of the village.

Classic Itineraries

  • Enjoy a meke, which is exciting Fijian dancing where locals dress in their national costumes; women in flowers and grass skirts. Men perform war dances while the women are singing.
  • Go to the Pottery Village in Nakabuta where you can buy some authentic Fijian pottery.
  • Tour Levuka, Fiji's original capital, and see how this town has kept its nineteenth-century appearance.